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Interview with Francisca Mbuli - Survivor's Network (Cameroon)

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Ms. Francisca Mbuli

On November 8, we interviewed Ms. Francisca Mbuli.

Ms. Mbuli, a Cameroon survivor of sex and labor trafficking, is the founding director of Survivor's Network. On an all-female team comprised of fellow survivors, works through Survivor's Network to help get victims out of trafficking, support them through the aftermath, and raise awareness about the issue. In her work, she has turned to many creative outlets in order to spread her message, including appearances on TV and radio, door-to-door advocacy, and even comic books. Among her many recognitions include the 2018 Trafficking in Persons Hero Award, the 2018 inaugural class of Obama's Africa Leaders, serving on the Obama Foundation Panel with President Obama in 2019, and becoming an Akina Mama Wa Africa Fellow in 2020.

Gender Equality Statistics


Gender Development Index: 0.864 deviation

Gender Inequality Index: 0.560

Group Classification: 5, low equality in human development amongst genders


Interview with Ms. Francisca Mbuli (Shortened Transcript)

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