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Explore various female-driven NGOs and socially committed companies from around Europe. To learn more an organization, hover over the box!

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Magdalena Linke-Koszec (Co-founder)

Since 2019

First platform in Poland offering career tools for women at any business role. 

Icelandic Women's Rights Association


Tatjana Latinovic (President)

Established in 1907, the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association (IWRA) was the first formal organization of Icelandic women to focus its efforts on the struggle for political equality between men and women, as well as demanding equal access to education, political appointments and the workplace. 

Asociacion Romo Serseni​


Amara Montoya and Irene de la Vega Garcia 

Asociacion Romi Serseni was created in 1991 to promote coexistence and tolerance between different cultural communities in order to avoid any type of racial, sexual or cultural discrimination.

Nisam Tražila

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ana Tikvic (Co-Founder)

The initiative “Nisam tražila” was created to raise awareness about abuse, sexual violence, and gender-based violence. The initiative began when four art students, including Ana Tikvic, heard about cases of rape and sexual harassment at the Belgrade acting school. Since then, they have published multiple stories of these injustices on their Facebook page in the hopes of bringing to light these wrongdoings and supporting other women who have similar experiences.

l’Association Suisse pour les droits des femmes/Swiss Women’s Rights Association 


Ursula Nakamura - Stoecklin and Annemarie Heiniger (Co-President)

The Water and Pads initiative is a non-profit project created to help women in developing countries in Asia and Africa learn about sex education, abortions, sexism, and abuse. The project also helps provide women with necessities such as water, pads, and contraception.

Klara K

Camilla Wagner (CEO)

Klara K is a leadership agency that supports, challenges and develops leaders, management teams and boards to broaden perspectives, integrate the value base into the company culture and deepen employee commitment. Klara K analyzes and creates action plans for a positive change. In addition to that, Klara K wants to be a clear and credible opinion leader who contributes to changing attitudes and structures that today stand in the way of a sustainable working life on equal terms.

Women’s issues information centre (WIIC)


Rugilė Butkevičiūtė (Project Manager)

Women’s issues information centre (WIIC) is one of the most experienced civil society organisations promoting gender equality, gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment in Lithuania. WIIC started its activities in 1996 and the mission of the motivated team of professionals is to raise society’s awareness on gender equality, influence and promote gender policies in Lithuania. WIIC has a wide experience in promoting European values.

Women's referendum 2.0 - Association for women* and equality policy in Austria


Lena Jäger(Chairwoman) and Ms. Daniela Diesner(Chairwoman)

In the fall of 2016, the idea of ​​a new edition of a women* referendum was born. The organization created nine demands, some of which focus on eliminating economic differences for women*, fighting poverty, preventing violence against women*, and protecting the right for women* to have full autonomy of their bodies. These demands were published in autumn of 2017 and signed by half a million people in Austria in 2018.

Anti-Violence Network of Georgia


Dr. Marina Meskhi

In order to prevent domestic violence, protect victims of violence and provide psycho-social rehabilitation, in October 2003, a national network for protection against violence was formed. Its establishment was preceded by active actions to protect victims of violence throughout Georgia, starting in 2001. The network has about 400 members across the country. The National Network for Protection from Violence is a non-governmental organization whose main goal is to create a non-violent society in the country. 

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