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The Philippines

Carmelita Nuqui (Founder and Executive Director)

The Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) is aware that women entertainers, particularly those who work in Japan, are more vulnerable to exploitation due to the nature of their work.

With the increased number of women working in Japan as OPAs/entertainers, problems arose, including the issue of Japanese-Filipino Children (JFC), with the burden suffered by some of the women who worked in Japan as entertainers being likewise borne by their children.

Holding a common passion for helping these migrant women, several concerned individuals from diverse backgrounds met at a nun's residence in Quezon City to minister to the birth of a new organization that would serve the cause.

These six individuals were Aurora "Auring" Zambrano, an Immaculati Cordis Mariae (ICM) sister; Carmelita "Mel" Nuqui, who had extensive experience in helping women overseas workers; Pearl Domingo-Flores, a health worker; Julia Racquel Rimando, a Medical Doctor; Leonardo Morada, a pastor; and Corazon Valdez-Fabros, a lawyer.

Thus, on February 6, 1996, DAWN was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non-profit organization, in order to address the growing number and concerns of distressed Filipina migrants from Japan as well as the growing number of JFC abandoned by their Japanese fathers.

DAWN’s inaugural aim was: to protect and promote the rights and welfare of Filipina migrants and their JFC; to help them regain and enhance, their sense of dignity and self-worth; and reclaim their wholeness, in the process of their reintegration into their families and the larger Philippine society.

DAWN now continues working towards these objectives and has evolved and expanded to advocate for the rights and welfare of Filipina migrants returning from other Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

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