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The Netherlands

Annick Teeuwen (CEO)

We strengthen the position of women in Limburg.


1. Vision: A Limburg with equal opportunities for all, especially for women.


2. Mission: To promote awareness and change by informing, agenda-setting, training, organizing activities and working together.


3. Core values: Respect for differences: let everyone make their own choices in life, but ensure awareness of the (possible) consequences that choices can have.


Economic independence: a prerequisite for a self-reliant and (financially) healthy life is economic independence.


Equality: men and women are not the same, but they are of equal value.


Together: addressing gender inequality is something we do together. Connect, collaborate and grow.


Resilience: by empowering women, they also make it safer for themselves. Awareness of the current position of women.


Story behind the name SharePower:


Knowledge is power. We share this knowledge in a positive, proactive and helpful way, reinforcing sisterhood. SharePower. We do this in an open and honest way. We are jointly responsible for equal opportunities.


Share Knowledge

Share Experience

Share Positivity

Share Sisterhood

Share Honesty

Share Responsibility

Share Power

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