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Melanie Lynch (CEO, Founder, Creative Director)

Founded in 2016, Herstory is a storytelling platform that shares the stories of modern, historical, and mythic women. Their mission is "to give the public authentic female role models and a game-changing arts education program, inspiring countries worldwide to start their own Herstory movements."

Since 2017, the annual Herstory Light Show has illuminated iconic landmarks and sacred sites across Ireland and internationally in honor of women to mark Brigid’s Day. In 2022, Herstory successfully led the campaign to make Brigid’s Day a new public holiday in Ireland.

In 2018, Herstory initiated and co-produced the Blazing a Trail exhibition with EPIC Museum for the Department of Foreign Affairs. This was the first women’s exhibition to tour the Irish Embassy network worldwide.

Herstory's work has been showcased worldwide, from the UN and US Congress to Irish and American Media. Notably, in 2020, they partnered with RTÉ, Underground Films, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, and the BAI for Herstory on RTÉ. This partnership led to the creation of a major documentary TV series, animation series, podcasts, school workshops, and a microsite.

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