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Sophie Hansal (Executive Manager)

The Network of Australian Counseling Centers for Women and Girls is an umbrella organization that unites and represents a multitude of similar entities. Their shared goal is

to advocate for women and improve living conditions for women and girls across Austria. The Network has 63 member organizations in all nine states of Austria and aims to be politically active to lobby for feminism.

These centers provide free advice, support, and assistance to women and girls in situations of violence or difficulty, with all visits held in strict confidence. The Network facilitates member interaction through training activities and communication exchanges across the country. Its counseling centers employ a variety of professionals, including social workers, psychologists, therapists to provide necessary assistance.

These centers are judgment-free contact points. They do not affiliate with any religion or political party and are partially funded by public funds, making most appointments free. The first women's advice center was established in Vienna in 1981. By 1995, 28 advice centers had joined to form this network. Since then, the number of member institutions has more than doubled, and the network continues to grow.

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