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Ursula Nakamura-Stoecklin Bite

“This is one of the most relevant challenges the World Health Organization is facing, the enormous gap between wealthy and poor countries. While we are discussing here for example, about completely unnecessary and expensive cosmetic surgery, countries in the global South are lacking the most basic necessities. As the only global organization WHO is committed to universal health coverage. WHO constantly exhorts the financially and economically strong countries to share their resources in the health sector with the beneficiaries. Particularly urgent are the WHO appeals around the Covid vaccinations, where even today in poor countries only about 2% of the population could get vaccinated - and unfortunately so many people have died. WHO engirt itself very much for mental health. Its multilingual manual of practice is widely used in health centers in many countries. WHO consistently advocates for compliance to the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, as fundamental human right. Prevention, e.g. of unwanted pregnancies, is therefore extremely important. This is only possible thanks to a worldwide knowledge about contraception and family planning. In the case of abortions, it fights for good medical care."

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