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Thobekile Matimbe Bite

"The Constitution of 2018 recognizes that women have been treated unequally in terms of political power and influence in Zimbabwe. To address this, specific quotas of seats have been allocated to women, as they have been underrepresented in political discourse. However, with the implementation of the new Constitution, we have observed that women are now being disenfranchised during competitive processes. Men often argue that women already have their quota and question why they still want to run. While the quota has increased female representation in politics, it has also decreased the number of women who would be elected without the quota. This has sparked a debate within the women's movement in Zimbabwe. Many now advocate for the elimination of the women's quota, as it is seen as a form of charity. They argue that allocating only 10 seats to women disregards the many qualified women who could eloquently represent and potentially be elected over men. Therefore, I urge you to consider whether you agree or disagree with the women's quota. Do you believe it is beneficial? Personally, I believe it does not contribute to gender equality, as it perpetuates the idea of women as beneficiaries of charity. Women are discouraged from running against men because they already have their quota, and even if they believe they are the better choice and could win, they are restricted by the quota."

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