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Nupur Agarwal Bite

"... So it is so important to move out of your comfort zone, move out of your shell, learn new languages, meet new people, discover new challenges and new possibilities. In our culture, we have this expression: “kupamanduka” meaning frog in a well. "Do you want to be a frog in a well? A frog which just knows the boundaries of a well? Or do you want to jump out of the well and become a prince/princess?"

So, one must travel and explore and meet more people and gather more experience and information. A lot of information today is available on the Internet, books... You can read and gather a lot of information, but only your physical presence and your exposure will leverage more and more experience in your life. Once you combine that experience with the information that you've gathered from the books, I believe you will become a wiser human being, a more impactful human being..."

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