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Elena Maquieiara Palmer Bite

“Machismo is everywhere here in Colombia, it is very embedded. Sometimes, I have to question myself about certain cultural issues that we accept and suddenly we realized that they are part of this machismo. We can find regional differences, for example Caribbean Colombia has its own machismo, as well as the rest of the regions. In general, a society is machista if it does not grant women the same rights as men have. Inequality is an essential element of this kind of society. There are well-defined gender roles: women must be in the kitchen, at home taking care of the children. Women must be mothers. The new Colombian generations are rejecting these ideas, but still, you can feel it every day when, for example, you take public transportation in Bogota. Sexual harassment is common, still women suffer it every day, and it seems that there is no social rejection. This machismo is embedded in our society, and it is very difficult to change it as fast as we want. It will be future generations that will put an end to machismo. That is my hope."

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