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Women Who Change The World is a platform that elevates female world-changers from around the globe.


We aim to illuminate women of all ages who's work includes activism in human, women's, youth, refugee, and LGBTQ+ rights. Explore more background information about these women, interviews with them, and the organizations they serve through this site.


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about any of our featured world-changers.

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Our Mission

Illuminate Female

Our primary goal is to introduce these leaders working for their communities around the world who deserve to be known as world-changing women. 

Promote Non-Profit Organizations, Start-Ups, and Social Entrepreneurship

This platform also promotes the work of their non-profit organizations,

start-ups, and socially committed companies. We highlight their vital initiatives, challenges, and successes. 

Women in the World 

Our final purpose is to post news printed in any country in the world about women, to illustrate their accomplishments and the efforts, limits, and issues related to the situation of women in our world. 

How Can I Help?

Become a Collaborator for a Day

Know of a woman doing amazing work to advance human rights? Want to help share her story?

Propose and organize an interview. 


Send us an email with your proposal, tell us about the woman you think we should interview, and help us schedule and conduct the interview.

Become an All-Seasons Collaborator

Join our team! Help us regularly contact and interview amazing women who are changing the world. Meeting these remarkable women will be an unforgettable, impactful, and fulfilling experience.


Send us an email or a short video about you and

why you want to join us.

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